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    ‘Eat well, live better’. This quote is far easier said than done when you are living with gastroparesis. Yet it is still more important than ever. Every little bite & every sip you take needs to be a nutritious one. Not wasted on high processed and sugary junk. Again, this is NOT easy when certain foods aggregate debilitating symptoms even more. Not only am I trying to make the healthiest choices but I am constantly battling with how much to eat and when to eat to make sure I don’t get sick. This can get stressful and believe me when I say that it is far from easy!!


    Made this vegan, refined sugar and gluten free cake for my mums birthday. Made all by myself guys! ✌🏼Recipe can be found here

    Over the past few weeks my weight has continued to drop and my doctor has essentially told me that there is nothing else he can do, apart from give me a feeding tube. The treatments so far haven’t worked. There are still surgical options but I don’t currently feel this is a good option for me. My body has had enough! So I am not interested in this. I turned to the internet and found the most amazing inspiration, who you can find here. She’s a holistic nutrition coach who also suffers with gastroparesis. She educates patients on how to best manage their gastroparesis by encouraging them to create their own self management plan. This includes both conventional and alternative medicine. For example, she manages her symptoms through a combination of things including the gastric neurostimulator (which has to be put in surgically), acupuncture, diet modifications, exercise and stress management. She is not cured (there is no cure for gastroparesis), but she manages her symptoms and is now a healthy weight, and has a good quality of life. She gave me so much hope when I was starting to lose it. I literally thought I had no other options left. The prospect of a feeding tube is a scary one. I personally find that all you need is some hope and determination, and you WILL get so far.


    Because this will be happening again soon 💛

    I had already been looking into alternative therapy and actually started acupuncture two weeks ago. The most exciting progress is an appointment I had with a Dr in London yesterday (recommended to me by my amazing U.S friend, Jodie, who also has both SCD & gastroparesis – seriously, this lady is an absolute genius and has done everything she can to make sure I’m getting the right treatment💜) anyway, this Dr takes a more holistic approach to medicine and treatment (although also believes conventional medicine plays an important role to). She’s an American chiropractor who specialises in something called NUCCA and is the only dr in Europe who offers this treatment. People travel from all round the world to see her. She mainly treats patients with vestibular lesions/ disorders so it might be that she can help me. Her treatment is basically about re aligning my neck/ spine, it’s a bit random, but tests and X Ray’s showed I have misalignments’ which may be contributing to my lingering dizziness. She could pin point exactly how my balance problem has affected my entire body and posture. As a holistic Dr she took into account my entire medical history and she has also recommended I see a top thyroid doctor, as she thinks my thyroid is most likely misbehaving, which I’ve suspected for a very long time (I’ve had hashimotos disease since I was 14, and was immediately put on medication, which turns out might not actually be working effectively in my body). This will not be helping with either my recovery from SCD surgery or how I manage my Gastroparesis. It’s so nice to have a dr who looks at the WHOLE picture and not just one thing. I am learning so much about how to take control of my own care, and how actually conventional medicine does not always work. I had to take my SCD treatment into my own hands and now I will do the same with my gastroparesis. I truly believe that if I can get my body in a better position to heal, through both conventional and alternative medicine, then I will get so much closer to getting better.

    If I can get well enough to travel back to Boston this summer, and be strong enough to do my vestibular therapy, then I’m well on the right track. This is my little dream anyway!

    I’m staying up in London until tomorrow in a beautiful little hotel provided by UCH hospital as I have a tummy scan and appointment tomorrow. Nice to have a change of scenery, as always. I might not be well enough to explore London yet so my parents have been bringing me back various treats, mainly from one of my all time inspirations that is Deliciously Ella, who now runs a cafe down here (the amazing Mae Deli). This lady has taken ‘eat well, live well’ to a whole different level and manages her chronic illness (POTs), through diet modification and taking on a whole new healthy way of living. Diet modification is not easy in gastroparesis as you feel constantly sick, but I am working SO hard at this and I have so much hope that it will work if I can get the right support involved in my care. I’m on this!


    The best green smoothie I have ever tasted!

    Final gift from parents include this Planet organic bag, they wanted to get me something for Valentine’s Day. Can’t fault them for trying can I? So much love! Happy Valentine’s Day! 💛



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