• 6 months post op!

    6 months post surgery 🙌🏼

    Such an unexpected few months. Things have improved in so many ways yet gone so backwards in others. My balance continues to amaze me with the improvements I see on a weekly basis. This week I even made it my favourite hair salon! This was my first salon trip since brain surgery. She even dyed my little ‘cat whisker’ hairs that go round all my ear (from where Dr Lee gave me a craniotomy head shave 😬). Haven’t been well enough to get to this favourite hair salon of mine in well over a year. So this was a happy moment!


    It’s also been one of those weeks where loads of ‘memories’ pop up on my Facebook page. Reminding me of some of the BEST times of my life. Traveling + Uni! Sometimes it’s beyond hard to look back to what I could do. But I’m constantly reminded of how lucky I actually was to ever make those memories that I will never forget. I’m reminded that I have a whole future ahead of me which will bring with it even more amazing memories. So I no longer look back at the future & feel sad about what I can’t do, but glad that I have made such amazing memories with some incredibly special people (And lucky to have met even more special people on this journey, who inspire me everyday!). This has made me who I am today and strong enough to keep fighting.

    IMG_1663 beth normal 6

    Final bit of news is that sadly my new round of drugs have done nothing other than make me sleep a lot of the day (bit of a light weight when it’s comes to things like medication🙈). I speak to my doctor in London on Tuesday to discuss next steps. It’s not proving very easy to get my gastroparesis under control but I am still full of hope, determination and surrounded by LOVE. Always dreaming & forever fighting✌🏼

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