• Vestibular therapy

    Another very successful trip to Massachusetts Eye and Ear ! Saw the vestibular therapist/physio who was on a whole other level to anyone I have ever seen for my condition back in England. She had a huge amount of experience in treating people before and after their SCD surgery. Even complicated ones like me 😁 So thankful I got to meet her before I travel home. I have exercises to do and better guidance on how much to push myself while I’m still healing. It felt like I was being taught how to walk again !!


    I have also seen Dr Lee for my follow up and have officially been given the all clear to FLY HOME next Monday !!! Not excited about the journey but can’t wait to be back home to continue my recovery.
    So grateful to have the BEST ear doctor I could have ever asked for. Such an amazing man. I’ll return in 3 months for my follow up appointment, re testing and to see the vestibular therapist again.
    Here goes!


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