• Surprise visits!

    Week 3 post op today. Had a good week seeing amazing people! Finally got to meet my beautiful SSCD friend after 9 months of knowing each other. We met on a SSCD support group just after our first surgeries and have spoken everyday since. One of the many special friends I have met on this journey who I could not be without.


    And guess who else made a surprise visit?!


    Yes, TOM RYE! I had a message in the morning to say to listen out for the door as apparently he had posted me something from England. Turns out it was him !! Such a boost to have him and his jokes around, motivating to get moving. I’ve even managed to walk to the end of the hotel deck and back.


    I felt like I was flying.

    Just love moving around it’s all hit me like a tonne of bricks today. 4 steps forward, 5 steps back .. Still learning how much to push myself and haven’t quite got it right yet. Suffering with bad headaches and exhaustion so plenty of rest is happening this weekend. Time is a healer as they say 🙏💜 ‪

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