• Good days

    Today has been one of those ‘good’ days. Got to spend some time out in the sunshine and saw a friend who bought me beautiful flowers!┬áMy balance feels like it’s getting stronger and I feel so much more stable on my feet. My sound sensitivity has gone. I still have constant pulsatile tinnitus but there’s a chance this could still stop once the fluid/swelling has settled..
    My dizziness is still constantly bad which limits the amount I can do. If I over do it I will really suffer. This constant dizziness is down to the vestibular dysfunction in my ear (something different to the SCD and an extra problem I am facing), AND the fact that I lost the function of one of my balance canals as part of my SCD repair. There is no quick fix for this. Just time and vestibular therapy to retrain my balance system. Still ALOT of work to do !
    Practised walking without my frame today in my new trainers (just for an added bit of encouragement­čĹŹ). What a change from when I was in hospital, barely able to walk with the walker.




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