• 6 weeks post surgery

    I was sat with Tom yesterday having one of my ‘not so good days’. He asked me what my goal for the week was. I said I didn’t really have one as its nearly impossible to achieve them feeling like this. Then we started talking about cakes(like you do!). I thought about how much I missed baking. Its nearly impossible when your so dizzy. But offering to be my assistant we decided that baking a cake would be my goal for the week. And this is what we just achieved !!
    So lucky to have this kind of support. People who help me do ‘normal’ things, to be independent, and encourage me to have goals. SO important in recovery. This past week has been quite difficult with trying to keep up with being home and doing vestibular exercises. I’ve been in touch with my vestibular therapist in Boston who has told me to take a step back. Forget some of the exercises and just focus on my posture and balance, which I’ve already been told is looking stronger ! She also reminded me that increased symptoms is not a bad thing in the short term.
    Taking 3 steps forward and 2 steps back is normal. However hard it is .. It will all add up to amazing things one day


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