• Memories..

    Seeing as this campaign has now reached out to people who may not have known me before I was I ill (which is so amazing!), I thought I would share some photos of me as a quick ‘snap shot’ of my life before I got ill (in no particular order).

    This time 6 years ago I was about to move to Oxford for university. To have the time of my life..

    uni girls

    This time last year I graduated with a 2:1 bachelor of science degree.


    This time 6 years ago I was jumping off bridges in NZ…


    This time two years ago I was at Glastonbury festival in my WELLIES….


    This time three years ago I was given my first ever stethoscope and STAFF NURSE badge!. I can’t wait to be wearing this …

    staff nurse

    This time 4 years ago I was partying with my best friend Emily P for my 21st.

    me and emilyyy

    This time 9 years ago….one of MANY amazing holidays with my family. Our California adventure..


    This time 23 years ago  I was posing with my trendy looking family… TEAM RYE


    This time RIGHT NOW! My wonderful Canadian family are hosting a Yard sale for me

    yard sale!

    And finally, my favourite picture in the world. My favourite brother in the world. 

    me and my tom

    Some or my favourite memories and favourite people. Thank-you to EVERYONE of you who is helping to give me the best opportunity to get my life back to how it was (perhaps not the jumping off anymore bridges though…!) . You all continue to amaze me with all your generosity and kindness – I just can’t believe how much money we have raised already.

    Fighting my way to the finish line…

    3 weeks to go!

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