• 1 month countdown

    Thank-you to my new youngest fundraisers for inspiring me to get on and write this next post! Meet Lewis and Erin, they got home from school yesterday and decided they wanted to bake cakes to sell so they could help raise money for me. This is the stall outside their house..


    Yeah, it definitely made my day!

    This sums up the incredible time and effort people are putting in to help me. A friend of mine raised £600 last week, just through selling cakes! Not to mention the big cycle event at the weekend, which helped us reach over £7,000 on YouCaring. We have recently hit £8,000. It feels so strange to be at home while all of these exciting things are happening – all to help me get better. Words cannot describe how grateful I am to be so well supported. The picture below is just one of my favourites…16 cyclists who cycled nearly 80 miles on Saturday for the Getting Beth Better campaign. I owe a whole load of drinks when I’m better..

    awesome guys

    The finish line

    We also had our 3rd wristband order arrive yesterday – we have now sold over 400! We are all stocked up again now and are currently offering free postage for a limited time. Please click here to get yours (worldwide shipping available).


    With all this excitement going on I continue to have a long run of ‘good’ days, which I am very grateful for.  This means more time outside. Enjoying the sunshine, change of scenery and catching up with the neighbours cats ..

    me and cat

    I have also been keeping busy with my never ending to do list for the U.S. I can’t help but be excited about going, despite the thought of a 7 hour flight in my physical state.  I’m trying to look on the positive side – a MASSIVE adventure which will finally put me on my road to recovery. And the fact is I have always loved flying and going on adventures, i’ve been living with the traveling bug ever since my Australia adventure in 2008. Life is full of adventures..
    Apart from spending my time being overly organised, and catching up on pretty much all the existing TV boxsets (Inc. Geordie Shore ? :|), I have been reading a number of YouCaring stories. This is the website where I share my personal story and where people can donate if they wish (my page). It really hits home to see how many people’s lives are affected by debilitating and life changing illnesses. This has been such an eye opening experience for me. I’ll never forget what i’ve had to fight through and how much support my family and friends have given me. It’s put my life into a whole new perspective and made me forever grateful for what I have. I now have a good reason to understand the saying, ‘life is too short’, because it really is. Make the most of what you have and enjoy it. Life is full of beautiful possibilities, as they say. If you’ve got your health, a lot of things are possible, so make it happen!



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