• Getting Beth Better

    I’m so happy to say that the gettingbethbetter campaign is going amazingly and has reached out to so many people. It’s not only kept me focused through a tough couple of weeks but all your generosity has taken a huge financial pressure of our shoulders already. And the events haven’t even started yet! We have sold over 400 wristbands and have raised more than £5,000 on YouCaring over the space of 5 days. Not to mention the cheques we have had through the post. I didn’t ever expect this kind of response and I think it is fair to say this world is full of such generous loving people ! I really couldn’t be more thankful.

    Other than being busy with fundraising there have been other things to think about like booking flights, sorting out visas and booking accommodation. All the standard things you have to do when going away but sadly a million more things to think about with this. Bearing in mind I have only left the house to go to medical appointments since August, a flight to the U.S. is really not going to be a walk in the park! I do however have the luxury of flying business class so I can lie down during the flight. Plus, I know what’s waiting for me at the end of my journey….. the hope of getting my life back.

    Today I made it outside into the sunshine for the first time in three weeks. During these three weeks my symptoms have been miss behaving as per normal. When my symptoms play up and become worse it can be really hard to deal with. I guess I have learnt to be patient and listen to my body until it’s ready to be pushed again. Well I succeeded today and had some fun trying on our gettingbethbetter t-shirts! Being outside certainly makes life feel more ‘normal’, even if I am a million miles away from it. Looking at this picture you might not realise that Tom is pretty much holding me upright as my dizziness pulls me in all the wrong directions …

    T shirts !!

    Even did some modelling. 

    If you are interested in getting one of our t shirts, please click here. They ship worldwide and are available in kids and adult sizes. Please send us a selfie if you get one!

    Other developments include getting my medical report from my new doctor in the U.S. I got my schedule, I have a jam packed week when I arrive! Tests one day, appointment the next and then surgery. They certainly don’t hang about… I have also been told to follow a strict migraine diet to help control my headaches. Migraine/ headache is really common in people with SSCD and if they are not under control it can really mess up recovery. So migraine diet it is .. what I can only describe as a hippy diet. Giving up chocolate and pineapples is not ideal but if it works, then it’s worth it! After all, I will do anything to put myself in the best position to getting better.


    No more tea and coffee allowed. Hello Herbals!

    Fundraising News
    Tom Rye and friends begin their 80 mile bike ride tomorrow. Please follow us on facebook to keep up to date with their progress. If you want to get involved please email us! Or if you want to donate or sponsor the team please do so here.

    cycle boys

    Check out those beautiful cycle jerseys!

    Things are happening so quickly that I can barely keep up, it’s so exciting to have so much going on in aid of our campaign. I feel like I can start to think about the future as I get closer and closer to making my dreams a reality…. even if it is a long way away still.

    Thank you everyone for your support and love – it really makes my day and has made such a difference!


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