• One step closer…

    My brain is still buzzing after a Skype discussion with a U.S. Surgeon last night. Someone who is finally able to explain EVERYTHING to me! What a dream. He backed up all the research i’ve done which makes me feel like I am definitely right to explore other options for my treatment. Looking at my scan he suspects that I may have a dehiscence very deep in the inner side of my canal, which is why my previous surgeon may have missed it. He would need me to have more thorough scans over in the States. His opinion was that I would possibly need a middle fossa surgery (through the skull) so the dehiscence can be directly visualised.

    Click here to visit this surgeons website and for more info on SSCD. And click this to watch a youtube video on how it’s all done. Be warned, this is not for the faint hearted !

    This opinion is a massive contrast to what I’m told here in the UK. From what I’ve learnt it seems the surgeons here assume all patients have the same dehiscence that can be a accessed through the same surgical technique but sadly this is just not the case! The surgery has to be tailored to each individual patient to make it the most reliable and give the highest chance of success. One size does not fit all, as they say.

    This wonderful man gave me so much hope that I have never felt before. Someone who can explain and justify the reasons for carrying out an operation in a particular way that is based on my individual case.  This surgeon was realistic and honest, and cannot be certain on treatment until I undergo his testing. But this is one massive step closer to getting the right treatment.
    Hope is priceless♡


    For more details on the States, please click here

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