• New Years 2014

    I want this blog to also be about the things I have managed to do and achieve over the past couple of years, despite the dizziness. So here is one of my favourites! The one and only little get away I’ve had during this ordeal. A million % worth feeling more ill for. At this point I had no diagnosis so just wanted to try and get on with my life. Maybe it would make me better?

    The trip was planned around New Years with Tom Rye up in Scotland (this is where he lived at the time). New Year’s Eve itself would be spent out in Edinburgh with a bunch of his friends which I was pretty excited about. The night was full of laughs, drinks and Scottish dancing. I loved it and felt like I could forget about being ill for a while. Midnight came and went and by 1 am I was falling asleep inside the Dome in Edinburgh, it was pretty swanky so not sure how I got away with it! Luckily I was being looked after (even if Tom had paid his friends to look after me …). By the end of the night I decided that alcohol and dizzy problems didn’t  mix well but oh my I did enjoy myself. At least I got away with my drunken off balance walking for a while. The following day was a massive struggle but I put on a brave face as I was loving the ‘normality’ of being away from home, socialising and just having fun. How life should be for a 23 year old!

    Sadly this trip did not make me better. I think adrenaline got me through it, as I dropped into hibernation as soon as I got back to Somerset. All in all though, an amazing trip and quality time with Tom Rye and his awesome friends from all round the world. I look back and remind myself how incredibly grateful I am to have him in my life through this journey, because he has made the experience so much easier for me. Keeping me positive and reminding me of what I will be doing one day. Nursing, partying, traveling and all the other things I love!. He keeps me smiling through the hospital days and stressful situations. You defiantly need a Tom Rye in your life when life’s a bit of a challenge. ��.

    Bring on New Years 2016. Dizzy free!

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