• How it all started

    Hello! I’m Beth, a 24 year old paediatric nurse from Yeovil, Somerset. My wonderful Brother has helped me set up this blog as a way of dealing with my rare ear condition SCDS which began in June 2013. 

    It all started overnight….literally. One day I was running around writing essays and on my final pediatric nursing placement, the next I was totally bed bound and unable to move due to severe dizziness.

    After 9 months of debilating symptoms and fighting for an answer, I was finally diagnosed with Superior Semicircular Canal Dehiscence (SSCD). I had no idea what this was and how it could be fixed. I’ll talk about this another time. 

    For now, I would like to introduce myself and welcome you to my blog. Life on the other side of being a nurse is not what I was expecting as I finished my final year at University..

    Please read more about it in the different tabs. I will be using this blog section to update you on my progress to hopefully finding a cure and with stories from my two year journey so far.

    – Beth x

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